Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why oh Why

I'm not sure what made me decide last night to suddenly become rigid in my training. I really questioned this at 5am when the alarm started going off. It couldn't possibly be time to run again! We got off the track last night after a rough workout in the heat and now here it is, less than 10 hours later and it's time to run again. Shit! This was going to hurt. Unlike other mornings, there was no talk of rescheduling the run. We got ready in silence, knowing what we were each thinking, and headed out the door. I wish I could say once we got moving things got easier, but that was not the case. Things were tight and uncomfortable the whole time. Once we got far enough away from the house that the urge to turn around and walk home subsided there was some idle chatter. By the time it was over though things started to improve. A morning run wakes you up more than any amount of coffee, by the time I got in the car things were perfectly aligned. I was ready to tackle my day. Too bad I crashed at 9:30am and was ready to return to bed! Let's see how tomorrow goes!!

Days till NYC: 107
Miles trained today: 4

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