Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do or Die

So I've backed myself into a corner this week. I ned to get in 37-39 miles and had planned to run 6 days with one day off. Well it's Wednesday and I haven't run at all this week. That means I have 4, 6.5 mile runs and a 12 miler ahead of me. Yep, that sucks! So today I had a plan, I would run to track and get my miles in that way. A great plan, until the storms rolled in. I had one foot out the door tonight when the skies turned back and the thunder started. After much debating I drove to the track. When I got there it was still a downpour. What I really going to do this? I have no choice. I got out of the car and slowly dragged myself onto the track. Not even halfway through my first lap there was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow in the sky. It was perfectly formed and had incredibly sharp colors. By the time I finished that lap it was gone. But it was just enough for me. Had I dragged my feet any longer I would have missed it. And, had I been on track with my mileage this week I wouldn't have been there early, so I was meant to see it. I'll get my miles in, I have my motivation for the week.

Days till NYC:115
Miles trained today: 6.5

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