Friday, August 21, 2009

embracing the ugly

That's what I'm doing this week and it's paying off! Yet another great run in horrific weather! I found my missing mojo and want to hold on to it. Again tonight I found myself after work needing to run and the weather was not ideal. I don't know if it's because work was hell and I didn't have time to dread my run or because mentally I knew I needed it. But I came home and was ready, lets do this. Joe is still on the DL but Sue survived court and was ready to run. We hit up Lincoln Woods again and just knocked it out of the park. Things felt good, we pushed up the hills and recovered coming down them. There was no bitching, no whining, just running and hard running at that. To be honest I was feeling it in my legs more today than yesterday and just pushed thought it. Imagined what it would feel like come mile 25 and embraced it. This is going to hurt, it's meant to hurt and I need to want it to hurt. If I keep dodging it, I'll never move beyond it. Here's to another run and I'm beating the humidity rather than the other way around!

Days till NYC:71
Miles trained today: 5

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