Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over the wall

10 weeks, that's all that stands between us and 26.2! We are almost there! I'm feeling some renewed energy. Maybe I'm getting used to the heat, maybe it's from airing out all my beefs, who knows but I'm back and ready to run! Complaining is not going to get me to the finish line and I've decided it short changes all that I've accomplished. So last week sucked, after talking to others, I think it sucked for all of us. Even with that we are further ahead in our training than we have been for previous marathons, and imagine how good this will feel once the humidity breaks. That and when we are standing at the start with 40,000 other runners who have gone through the same terrible training all for that race, I can't even imagine how great it's going to feel! If training for a marathon was easy, more people would do it. They can't hang, I can. I got a shirt today that reads "to hell and back, 26.2", sounds accurate to me.

Days till NYC: 73
Miles trained today: 7

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