Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh the sights you'll see

There is just something about a summer evening on the Blvd. It was just what we needed, a good distraction from the weather. I spent more time wondering why other people were out there dressed like they were then wondering why we were out there! There was the woman running in sandals, yep leather sandals. I love my heels but haven't tried to run in them yet. Then there was the woman running in jeans and a long sleeved top, god help her! Just when I thought we were going to die an older man (maybe late 70's) ran by us and told us we were looking good. If he's out here in a good mood, so can I. This weather is only temporary and I'm not injured so lets try to make the best of it. Can you tell I"m trying some cognitive restructuring? Next time I plan for a fall marathon, someone please sit me down and discuss what it means to train in August?

Days till NYC: 75
Miles trained today: 5.6

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