Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Impacts of running

So there is a lot of good that comes with running. We are healthier, more fit people. My moods are better after a run, we are slowly but surely getting faster. It's getting easier to stomach the alarm buzzing at 4:45am! A negative is my insatiable hunger. We have run daily since Saturday and aren't scheduled for a day off until this coming Saturday. It's only Tuesday, and I can't stop eating! We ran this morning, it was a good run, but not overly hard, a recovery from track the night before. Since getting out of the shower, I have been eating, thinking about eating or planning my next snack!! This is getting out of control, I was starting to picture my co-workers as giant ice-cream sundaes today!! I'm hoping it will subside over the next day or so, but am starting to worry that it won't! Is there anyway I can get an IV hooked up with portable nutrition between meals? The other issue is that I try to eat healthy, but when you are this hungry it doesn't matter, I just want food!! I'll remind you again it's only Tuesday, I have 33 miles yet to run this week!

Days till NYC: 88
Miles trained today: 4

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