Sunday, August 23, 2009

it was bound to happen

After a week of great runs, I was due for a rough one. Not sure why it had to happen when I was scheduled for 16, that's bad enough. We did a 4 mile loops so I only focused on finishing each 4 and getting to the car. The first loop was tough and tight, at times I was kicking myself for all those hills in Lincoln Woods. By the time we hit the car the first time things were slowly starting to feel better. The second loop my body felt better but I was faced with a husband who was running on fresh legs. He's a peppy runner when he's tired, today was the first day out after 5 days off he was in rare form. God help me, he didn't stop for then next 4 miles, at times talking to himself. Next time he's on the DL, I'm not running with him the first run back. It was downhill from there. To be completely honest I wasn't really planning on running the full 16, before I knew it we only had 3.5 left. It was the most god awful 3.5 of this training. In the last issue of Runner's World there was a quote about how running is good for you if it doesn't kill you first and that's all I could think about. Somehow all the pain I'm in right now will be good for me, I haven't figured out how yet. Please just let this be the worst long run of this training!

Days till NYC: 69
Miles trained today: 16

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