Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ode to the Pigs

There comes a point in marathon training where my pigs quit. They hate it and make it very clear. In all honesty it's not their fault, they are cute and little and not prepared for the pounding day in and day out. I don't think mine are the only ones who do this. I have heard of those who have the unfortunate experience of loosing a nail, thank god I haven't reached that point, yet. To be honest that would be enough to make me give up marathoning. I try to pamper the pigs in an effort to make them forget about the miles, we go bi -weekly for pedi's but I'm at the point where that doesn't help. They are upset with me. I'm sorry guys, you are important but short sighted, this will be temporary and in a few months we will be back to normal and you can calm down again. Please hang in there with me. I've purchased special socks that are supposed to make you happier but you don't like those either. I've given up the heels to make it more comfortable for you during the day and that's not enough! I'm not sure how else I can make it up to you, just trust me that it will be worth it and I appreciate all the support you have given me.

Days till NYC: 62
Miles trained today: 10

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