Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just keep running, running, running

Ugh! I'm pooped and it's only the beginning of the week! We decided to take 2 recovery days this week, which is risky. One day off means less miles per day but after this last weekend of running I just wasn't feeling ready yesterday. That and it was unbearably hot. So today we were off and running, luckily the weather was better for running and we were off of work so we had more time. Our long run this week will only be 12, so we decided to really amp up the mileage today and aim for 12 today as well. I feel like if we can get comfortable with this distance it will pay off come November. We took it easy, or as easy as 12 miles can be. 3 miles this morning, that was meant to loosen us up and test for any lingering aches and pains. Things felt ok at the end of it. The ankle that was very sore after Falmouth was feeling better and the feet are still quiet (knock on wood). We weren't done though, later today we got changed again and ran to the track. It's a nicer run with someone else that's for sure. By the time we hit the stadium things were still feeling ok. We did cut the workout short and skip the last mile to keep our run home manageable. Overall I'm pleased, we'll aim for 12 again on Saturday, this time straight through. It was the right decision, we needed the extra day. I keep reminding myself, this week and next and then RECOVERY again. That and only 6 more days till the next day off, until then I'll be running, running and doing more running (that and worrying about injury)!

Days till NYC: 80
Miles trained today: 12

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