Saturday, August 29, 2009

Perking up!

Yep, I am, I'm perking up. Today wasn't awful! Besides the weather, which was pouring rain. We ran the with club today and started off with Melissa and Erin heading up Angell St. I was waiting to see how long till the pain set in. We reached the 1st mile at 9:40, must have been the excitement of running with others, so far so good. I held back a little running up towards the pedestrian bridge going over the highway, but still no terrible pains. This was going to be ok. For a while I debated going the whole 10 miles but decided that would be an act of stupidity. Joe cut it short after we headed up the Blvd and turned down Elmgrove. Since it wasn't hurting I decided to just keep going. Things just felt right, and thank god for that, it had been too long. It's funny how running messes with your head. A good run and you're on top of the world, ready to go. A bad run or a string of though runs and you start to question your whole existence, I'm slightly exaggerating but not by much. After the run I consulted with the group and think I'm going to make some changes in the training going forward. I have to remember what the goals are:

1. Get to the start of NYC without injury
2. Finish NYC without having to walk or crawl

To do this I need to keep the long runs strong every other week, the off weeks I'm going to back down slightly. During the week I'm going to focus on 5 strong runs a week and try to not get so caught up in the mileage. There are those of you who are doubting my ability to let go a little, but I'm really going to try here. Lets see if I can have a few more good runs over the next few days, my running ego could use it!

Days till NYC: 63
Miles trained today: 7

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