Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking for reasons

Running continues to feel terrible, so I'm focusing on why I continue to do this:

1. I got in!!
2. Even better we both got in!!!
3. I can handle long distance running when many shy away from it.
4. I even kind of enjoy it.
5. I have my health and have been able to avoid injury.
6. There are so many people offering amazing support and encouragement!!!
7. A week a bad runs is better than a week of skipping runs :)
8. I have a point to prove, I will run better than I ran last October!
9. I've done it before when I was a weaker runner so I can do it again.
10. Weeks like this and runs like these make me appreciate those runs where it feels like I'm flying and can run forever.
11. I'm the only marathoner in my family and not about to allow any of them to catch up with me!
12. 3 years ago I couldn't finish a 5k.
13. There are only 2 months until the race, I'm getting close!
14. The finish will be unreal!
15. Sticking with it is a sense of pride for me.
16. From the girl with asthma who smoked and skipped gym, I'm now an athlete!
17. I'm neurotic even with this amount of running, imagine what I would be like without it, meds please!!!
18. Even at the end of a few rough miles, things seem calmer and more clear.
19. I run with good friends :)
20. Joe won't quit and I'm not going to let him beat me!

Days till NYC: 64
Miles trained today: 6.5

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